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Organic Soy Waxing

Natural – pure and simple. Contains soybeans, honey, chamomile, palm oil and rapeseed oil. All contribute to a soothing application and non-irritating hair removal process. PARABEN AND GLUTEN FREE. 

Lip Waxing  $15

Brow Shaping  $15

Full Facial Waxing  $45

Underarm Waxing $30

Bikini/Brazilian Waxing  $35-$50

Arm Waxing  $30 half   $40 full

Leg Waxing  $50 half  $75 full

Back Waxing   $40 half   $60 full


Considerations for Waxing

  1. Oral and topical antibiotics cause sensitivity; try to wait until you're off the medication to wax
  2. Retinol or alpha hydroxy over-the-counter topicals; stop using a week before waxing
  3. Prescription exfoliants including Retin A, Differen and Tazorac; avoid for 3 months before waxing
  4. Accutane; steer clear of waxing for a year
  5. And a final word of wisdom – do not shave in between waxes! If you need to get rid of a few hairs, grab the tweezers instead for a quick fix.