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Hard Waxes

Our hard waxes are handmade in Colorado striving to use sustainable, eco-friendly and local ingredients and supplies that are made from natural, biodegradable resources whenever available + shipped from Colorado utilizing minimal packaging made of recyclable and compostable materials.


Hard Chocolate Wax
The Chocolate wax is an all-natural wax and ideal for sensitive skin. This non-polymer formulation does not break hairs and instead, will capture the entire hair bulb in one pull. Less applications = less pain & skin irritations and happier customers! Ideal for Brazilian, Underarm & Brow waxing.

The Honey Wax — A polymer free hard wax, The Honey Wax is specifically formulated for longer drying time, which is perfect for back, leg and larger areas of the body. 

What does it mean to be polymer free?
Think hot glue. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, aka EVA, is the common ingredient in polymer waxes, which is low cost and can provide stability to wax formulations. However, it also raises the temperature of the wax and once dry, EVA is what gives a wax that "plasticky" feeling.  Therefore even though a polymer wax may seem flexible, it tends to not have much give, which essentially contributes to the hair breaking off instead of grabbing the whole hair bulb. A polymer free wax will offer more flexibility and do a much better better job at removing the hair from the root - every time. Plus, a polymer free wax will have a lower application temperature and will be more gentle on the skin.

  • Lip Waxing  $15

  • Brow Shaping  $17

  • Full Facial Waxing  $45

  • Underarm Waxing  $30

  • Arm Waxing  $40-48

  • Bikini Waxing  $37-46

  • Brazilian Wax  $55

  • Leg Waxing  $57

  • Full Leg Wax $82-114 (call to book)

  • Back Wax  $62 (call for booking)

  • Fingers/Toes $1 per digit


Considerations for Waxing

  1. Oral and topical antibiotics cause sensitivity; try to wait until you're off the medication to wax
  2. Retinol or alpha hydroxy over-the-counter topicals; stop using a week before waxing
  3. Prescription exfoliants including Retin A, Differen and Tazorac; avoid for 3 months before waxing
  4. Accutane; steer clear of waxing for a year
  5. And a final word of wisdom – do not shave in between waxes! If you need to get rid of a few hairs, grab the tweezers instead for a quick fix.