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Waterless Pedicures

Three Reasons to try a Waterless Pedicure

The whole world is going green, and salons are no exception. The beauty world is helping the planet conserve a precious resource by switching to cleaner, greener waterless pedicures. But it’s understandable if you are skeptical about your favorite salon going waterless, so here are three reasons to try a waterless pedicure.

  • Waterless Pedicures Are Green

Every time you hit the salon for a pedicure, the first step (after grabbing your favorite gossip magazine, of course) is to soak your feet. Everyone loves this part of a pedicure. It is soothing. It is heavenly. It is horrible for the environment.

Most standard spa tubs use somewhere between 15 and 18 gallons of water per pedicure. That’s nearly as much as a load of laundry. Water is one of the planet’s most valuable natural resources, and with every traditional pedicure we are literally watching it go down the drain.

  •  Waterless Pedicures Are Healthy

A waterless pedicure begins by sanitizing your feet with a hot, steamed towel.  It is still healthy in all the ways you are used to. You’ll still have your nails and cuticles treated; you’ll still have your calluses taken care of, and you’ll still leave the salon with smooth, moisturized feet. A waterless pedicure gives you all the health benefits of a watered pedicure, with none of the drawbacks.

  • Waterless Pedicures Are Long-Lasting

Many women find that their nail polish lasts longer after a waterless pedicure. The reason for this is thermal expansion. It’s time for an experiment. Head back to the faucet, but this time take an unopened jar with a medal lid. Run the lid under hot water. You’ll find the jar is easier to open because the warm water caused the lid to expand. That’s thermal expansion at work.

But how does that apply to your toenails? All that soaking in the tub causes your nails to expand. Typically, they are still a bit bigger when you have nail polish applied. But by the time you get home, your nails contract, causing your polish to crack. With a waterless pedicure, this doesn’t happen and your favorite shade stays on your feet for a longer time.

  • Waterless pedicures are better for the environment, healthier for you, and longer lasting than their water-using counterparts. Want to see what it feels like? Book an appointment today and find out for yourself
  • Take $10 off your pedicure by booking waterless today!